About Us

For over 60 years McCarter has been the leading name for marketing real estate at auction in Sevier County and surrounding areas. One philosophy that we feel has contributed to our success is that we have a strong commitment to treat every auction like it is the most important one we have ever had, knowing that each property has its own unique features. In our marketing we endeavor to bring out all of these features and present the property to potential buyers in its best possible light. 

            Another thing we have learned through experience is that we cannot be satisfied with status quo marketing. With the extremely fast changing, growing and diversified uses for real estate in the area, it is very important to study and develop new market strategies in order to reach all potential buyers for a particular property. By using our old tried and tested marketing methods and adding new ones, we have proven that our method of marketing real estate at auction is by far the best way to reach all prospective buyers and produce the highest possible price on a given day.


           It is not just the amount of money spent on marketing, even though we normally outspend our competitors 2 to 3 times, but more importantly it is where you place the advertising, the timing of the advertising and how well the selling features of your product are presented that produces the results with which you as a seller and we as an auction company can be satisfied.


            The marketing aspect is only one part of what our company offers. We have an experienced sales staff which is second to none, most of which have ten to over twenty years of experience, and each having their own unique role that has contributed to the success of our organization. Being members of the National Auctioneers Association, the Tennessee Auctioneers Association, and Certified Auctioneers Institute we are constantly attending seminars, and meeting with and discussing new methods that have proven successful with fellow auctioneers from across the country.


            The one thing we believe has been vital to our success and longevity in this unique profession is that we highly value our integrity, always endeavoring to conduct our business in a manner which inspires confidence in our buyers and sellers. This is very important in obtaining the highest possible price at our auctions and we strongly feel when the potential buyer has confidence and trust in what the auction company is presenting, they will be more apt to bid to their fullest potential. 
  There is no other company with a tried, tested and proven record of marketing area real estate that compares to McCarter Auction, Inc. We have hundreds of satisfied sellers and customers and some of these can be provided to you upon request.